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Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
house. president obama is sure to have something to say about this in the next bit. most of the comments we are seeing already from congress, praising nelson mandela, the life he lived and what he meant not only to south africa, but to the world as a whole. i expect we are going to get a lot more of those comments in the next bit as people take stock of this man's life. he had been sick for sometime. we spoke in the last hour about the fact that president obama was in africa when there was a concern that maybe nelson mandela's health was failing him then and perhaps the president might visit. that didn't happen at the time, and now we get word that at age 95, nelson mandela has passed on. i expect to hear a significant amount of reaction from the united states to this news. >> we have gotten news that president obama will be making a statement at about 20 minutes past the hour. in that report you spoke about mandela, of nelson and the lack of rancor he had toward past enemies. that has not meant peaceful times though? >> no. but you can imagine what it would be like had nelson m
Dec 10, 2013 5:00pm EST
west of johannesburg. president obama spoke about what mandela meant to him. >> over 30 years ago, while student, i learned of nelson mandela and the struggle taking place in this beautiful land. and it stirred something in me. it woke me up from -- to my to others and to myself and set me on an improbable journey that find me here today. >> at least 5000 people are expected to attend mandela's funeral on december 15. tonight on bottom line, i will be speaking with deborah gillis, catalyst to get her perspective on women in leadership. "bottom line" tonight at 7 p.m. new york time. hope to see you then. >> this week, president obama signed an extension of america's 10 year plastic gun ban after being reauthorized by congress. that took place yesterday. the original ban was set to expire and had gained attention saying that plastic guns could get past airport security. cory johnson has been following this issue. also, the chief executive of valencia design group and the grandson of a designer. to develop aology .ariety of products gentlemen, thanks for being here. >> is that orange
Dec 9, 2013 5:00pm EST
well as they plan to drop their federal health care plan and sign up for the obama health care law. they have to beat some of their own cooking. they have to experience what their constituents are dealing with. the reality is, they have more options. 112 gold level planned by four different insurers. the government picks up about 75% of their premiums. the onlineet to use exchange, not the troubled john bane are signed up for an individual plan. his office that it took them several hours and he does not really like the end result. a new $800 a month premium went to factor in his wife's medicare. arey health and premiums going to double. m lopez tripled. i am thrilled to death as you can tell. tripled.pays i am thrilled to death as you can tell. >> do they lawmakers actually have to enroll? >> they don't. they can opt out but there is a possibility it would end up costing them more money. one is mark. he is facing a tough reelection fight. no government subsidy. his premium is nearly $600 a month. lawmakers do not need to enroll. they're covered by other insurance. o
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3